Examining Your Credit Score and Reports – Financial Facts

Examining Your Credit Score and Reports

You may not know or care, but you probably have a personal credit report and a credit score. Lenders examine your credit report and score before granting you a loan or credit line. This section highlights what you need to know about your credit score and reports, including how to obtain them and how to improve them.

Crunching your numbers

provides a place for you to figure your financial assets. Go ahead and write in the spaces provided, unless you plan to lend this book to someone and don’t want to put your money situation on display. Note: See Table 4-1 in Chapter 4 to estimate your CPP/QPP, OAS, and other government benefits.

Now comes the potentially depressing part — figuring out your debts and loans in Table 2-2.
Now you can subtract your liabilities from your assets to figure your net worth in Table 2-3.

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